Monday, April 27, 2009


Wallwisher is the latest web tool I learned about and decided to try out. You create a noticeboard where other people can leave notes. It´s a wonderful way to share links with a group of people.

The project below is about films. I invited several people (including my students who had been studying how to talk about films) to leave a film recommendation at a WALLWISHER.

You can create a sticky note by double clicking on the wall. Then, you write your name, your text and can also share a link to a site or to a video from YOu tube.


  • as a noticeboard.
  • to have your class share links about a topic you´re studying.
  • to collect recommendations of films, books.
  • as a board where sts can share pictures and talk about it.
  • to share links of sites that can help sts research a certain topic.
SKILLS : writing and reading (listening if people include links to videos)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Bubblejoy is a site where you can send video greetings to people. It´s very easy to use as there´s no need to have an account.

*I´ve already used it to send birthday greetings to friends.

*I´ve used it for dictations.

*I´ve also used it to help students revise vocabulary.

Nik Peachey, in his wonderful blog "Nik´s Learning Technology Blog" gives wonderful ideas on how to use Bubblejoy with students.

Some of his ideas were:

  • ask students to record themselves reading haiku poems. (My example)
  • students can make cards for special occasions and send to each other.
  • sts could plan an imaginary trip and send a card telling other classmates about it.
  • using one of the TV designs, sts can pretend they are anchormen and report imaginary news.
Some characteristics you have to be aware of: a Bubblejoy card is sent to e-mails and can only be viewed 50 times. The message has a limit of 60 seconds. It cannot be embedded in blogs. It´s free and needs no account.

Skills: speaking, listening (if you ask sts to write their message first you can maximize the skills)

Monday, April 20, 2009


VOXOPOP (once known as Chinswing) is a space for talkgroups you can take part in or create your own. You participate in the discussions by recording your voice.

How can you use VOXOPOP with students?

  • create discussions about topics you´ve just covered in class.
  • create a discussion about a topic you´ll see in class and invite people from around the world to participate.
This is an example: A teacher has created a talkgroup for her students to discuss topics presented each week.

Discussing Do´s and Don´ts on a first date.

SKILLS: Listening, Speaking.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


With Utterli you can create a discussion which people can reply to using text, video, pictures or/and audio. It´s very simple to use and it´s really interesting to hear and see what people have to say. You can get a widget for the sidebar of your website so that you and your readers can follow what people have been saying there.

As you can also record it from your cell phone, it´s very practical and offers great opportunity for authentic language practice.

How to use it with students?

  • create threads where students can write about topics you start like: describe your best friend (add picture), talk about your favourite food/dish (+ picture), describe your family (+picture), share your favourite song and so on.
  • discuss topics using text, audio or video.

Favourite Celebration THREAD in Utterli

SKILLS: Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Tokbox is a free video chat and video mail service. It´s similar to skype in the sense that you can have video chats with your friends and also have conferences but it offers more: you can send video messages to friends via e-mail. There´s no need to download anything as all the messages are stored online.

This is a message I´ve made to talk about tokbox

After sending Nik Peachey a message asking him if he could contribute with my session sharing interesting ideas on how to use TOKBOX, this is his wonderful post.

SKILLS: Listening and speaking

Monday, April 13, 2009


Mixbook is another tool which looks like an online book. You can also ask students to create their own books using target language or use one book to present a class project, with poems for example. The interesting thing about mixbook is that you can order a printed copy of your book. It must look amazing!

This book was created by Karen K. and it´s called Kids for Kenya
Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

If you want more time to read, click on the PAUSE button.

This mixbook was created with Third Graders poems

This is a Lewis Carroll biography

SKILLS: reading and writing


With GLOGSTER, students can create online posters. What can you add to the posters? Well, pictures, sentences, images, animations, videos, songs.

There are several ideas for the use of glogster:
This project was developed by a colleague of mine, LĂ­via Fernandes, where students were invited to write about their moms for mother´s day. The teacher then scanned their work and assembled them into a poster with images.


SKILLS: reading and writing


With Bookr students can create online books to tell their stories. It´s a very easy tool. You can use pictures from your flickr account or choose pictures from the archive. Once the book is ready, students save it and send the link to the teacher. By clicking on BLOG THIS, you can get the embed code to publish them in any website.

This project was proposed by a colleague of mine, Polyana Vida, where teenager students created online books to describe themselves. The title is "WHAT´S MY TRIBE?"

SKILLS:writing and reading.

How can you make your own online book? (tutorial)

Sunday, April 12, 2009



With voicethread, you can create a presentation with images, audio and even the movement of your mouse where your audience can interact by leaving written or audio comments.

This is a project developed by various teachers in the world where students made a presentation about their country or the place they live in.Here, students from Uberlandia, Brazil, talk about our country.

This is a voicethread created by David which basic learners of English can use to practise.

This is a voicethread where teachers around the world introduce themselves.

Teachers talk about 100 ways to use voicethread in education

This voicethread was created by Dennis Oliver where he tells someone´s life story (GREAT)

SKILLS: writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Suzie Vesper has created a great slideshare where she presents several ideas on using Voicethread.

One of the easiest tools to use. With you can make presentations like a slideshow where you can upload pictures, create captions, add background music and select various presentation effects.

Students can use it to talk about their latest holiday, talk about a person they admire, describe a place, tell a story...

This is an example created by a student talking about one of his favourite holidays.

Another example

SKILLS: writing and reading.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cultura EDtech online course

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