Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Bubblejoy is a site where you can send video greetings to people. It´s very easy to use as there´s no need to have an account.

*I´ve already used it to send birthday greetings to friends.

*I´ve used it for dictations.

*I´ve also used it to help students revise vocabulary.

Nik Peachey, in his wonderful blog "Nik´s Learning Technology Blog" gives wonderful ideas on how to use Bubblejoy with students.

Some of his ideas were:

  • ask students to record themselves reading haiku poems. (My example)
  • students can make cards for special occasions and send to each other.
  • sts could plan an imaginary trip and send a card telling other classmates about it.
  • using one of the TV designs, sts can pretend they are anchormen and report imaginary news.
Some characteristics you have to be aware of: a Bubblejoy card is sent to e-mails and can only be viewed 50 times. The message has a limit of 60 seconds. It cannot be embedded in blogs. It´s free and needs no account.

Skills: speaking, listening (if you ask sts to write their message first you can maximize the skills)


Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Hello, Ana María. I have checked the link " My Example" and a note appears saying that the card allows certain number of views. Perhaps this is a limitation of the tool.

Marina said...

Yes! It can only be viewed 50 times.

Marina Alfonso (Argentina)

Ana Maria said...

Yes, that's true. The same video message with a template can be done with tokbox (greeting cards) with no limitations of view.